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Site Requirements

Supported Browsers

This site has been optimised and tested for the latest versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari (Mac). We would recommend the use of Firefox.

Get Firefox!
Click the logo to download Firefox
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Click the logo to download Safari (Mac only)


Javascript is required for many parts of the WebACT site. Please ensure this is enabled in your browser

Java Web Start

Java Web Start allows Java applications to be launched on your computer from a web site. This is the system we use to launch the ACT application from the WebACT results page.

In order to view ACT comparisons directly from WebACT, you will need Java Web Start installed on your computer. WebACT will attempt to detect if Web Start is installed on your computer, however it is not possible to detect it from the Opera browser. If you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox or Safari and see a warning about Web Start not being detected, please click the Java logo at the bottom of this page to install Web Start.

Other Browsers

If you are using a different browser (such as Opera) and see the 'Java Web Start could not be detected' warning, it may be that Web Start is installed, but we just can't detect it. Try starting ACT. If Web Start is installed, ACT will either start automatically or you will be offered the choice of opening or downloading a file named with a '.jnlp' suffix. Select 'open', and if Web Start is installed and correctly configured, ACT will start. If nothing happens, click the Java logo at the bottom of the page to install Web Start

Click the logo to install JAVA