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On-the fly comparisons by querying public databases.

Choose sequences of interest

Clicking the 'Generate' TAB of the WebACT menu presents you with input forms for entering sequence data either by pasting directly, uploading a file (we recommend this for larger datasets) or querying public databases using EMBL or Refseq Accession numbers.

We are going to look at a 5-way genome comparison, so select '5' in the 'How many sequences do you wish to compare' box.

This will cause the page to refresh and you will be offered 5 such input forms.

Enter the following Accession numbers in the 'Enter an EMBL or Refseq Accession number' boxes- Click here for screenshot.

Sequence1 - AF061251
Sequence2 - AY730592
Sequence3 - AY730593
Sequence4 - AF461121
Sequence5 - AY730594

These accession numbers correspond to the following O-antigen gene clusters -

Sequence1 - AF061251 - E.coli O157
Sequence2 - AY730592 - S.enterica O30
Sequence3 - AY730593 - C.feundii F90
Sequence4 - AF461121 - E.coli O55
Sequence5 - AY730594 - S.enterica O50

Clicking 'Submit' will start your comparison running. WebACT queries public databases based on the accession numbers entered, BLASTs each pair of sequence in the order entered and stores the results for display.

Please wait for the comparison to complete