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Clicking the 'Start ACT' button does not start ACT...

ACT is started using a system called Java Web Start, which needs to be installed on your computer before ACT will run. See this page for more about Java Web Start.

Once Web Start is installed, it should associate itself with files ending with .jnlp. This means that when your browser downloads a .jnlp file, Web Start is loaded and the jnlp file opened. In the case of WebACT, the jnlp file tells Web Start how to open ACT with the selected data. When you click the 'Start ACT' button, Your browser will probably open a dialog box offering you the choice of opening the .jnlp file using a program called 'jwstart', or downloading the jnlp file. Select the option to open the file, and ACT should be downloaded to your computer and the selected data loaded. If the option to open the jnlp file with 'jwsstart' is not present, this probably means Web Start is not correctly installed

Can you answer questions about using ACT itself?

No. ACT is written and supported by the Sanger Institute. Further information and documentation is available from the Sanger Institute's Artermis Pages.Questions regarding usage of ACT should be addressed to the Artemis Mailing List.